Saturday, November 11, 2017

Trump Force One Boeing 757-200 Private Jet

Trump Force One Boeing 757-200

Trump Force One while taxiing runway at Orlando International Airport. This is personal jet of President-elect of United States of America, Donald Trump. The aircraft were used during its campaign for the US Presidential election. So that is why the jet nicknamed "Trump Force One".

The Trump Force One worth to USD 100 million including customized stuff inside. Might you already know that Donald Trump bought the jet as used aircraft. The Boeing 757-200 built in 1991 for Paul Allen, one of the microsoft founder. Anyway, from possible 293 seating configuration, he decided to make only 43 passengers only on board. So every passengers can have nice and huge legroom like a business class.

There are also many luxuriousness inside, most of metal things are plated with 24 gold karat. Even the avionics has been modernized. For instances, the pilot cockpit room have already changed into latest glass cockpit. Everything displayed in high resolution display instead of analog counter information.

Boeing 757-200 of Donald Trump

Soon he will enjoy the real US Air Force One as he will take the Oval Office in January 2017. Until now there is no information whether he will keep the private jet or selling instead. Because maintain giant private jet is not cheap at all. Flying this thing at least you should spend equal to USD 10,000 for one hour flight. Excluding pilots, aircraft maintenance and hangar.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Chengdu J-20 of People's Liberation Army Air Force

Chengdu J-20 of People's Liberation Army Air Force

Chengdu J-20 of People's Liberation Army Air Force while in flight. This is a stealth of fifth generation jet fighter. Manufactured by Chengdu Aerospace Corporation of China. The jet is built intended to be air superiority and multi role jet fighter.

Although it is not proven in battle warfare yet. But the way it looks is pretty promising. Development program began in 1990s as a part of military jet proposal to PLAAF. The proposal said that the J-20 should be first flight in 2011 and enter service in 2019. But in fact, the jet can be introduced in 2016 as well as enter military service.

The price tag per unit is worth to USD 110 million. However there is no further talk about selling the jet abroad. Might this is a part of political choice in terms of military secrecy.

Meanwhile, China shows off the J-20 at Zhuhai Air Show in Guangdong Province. The pilots a lot more fluent and confidence of flying these machines.

Chengdu J-20

Currently there are only 8 prototypes and 4 production units. Anyway, take a look to the engine nozzle design. It is a bit different on stealth approach, because they look open and might expose to the radar. Rather different than F-22 Raptor nozzle-end design. They claimed with jagged-edge nozzle can bring aircraft into better stealth ability.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Air France Boeing 777-300ER To Fly To Seoul

Air France Boeing 777-300ER

Air France Boeing 777-300ER., the French carrier has added a new Boeing 777-300ER with improved cabin and entertainment system to its fleet.

The new aircraft will make three trips round trip per week between Incheon International Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris until 21 November and then operate daily until 25 March next year.

The cabin includes enhanced business-class with cocoon type individual seats that fold 180 degrees, which the company says will provide more comfort and privacy. The design of one person allows passengers direct access to the aisle regardless of where the seat is. Each seat features a 16-inch touch screen. It is quite large compare to other airlines in same class.

Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

The seats in the so-called premium economy class are 40 percent larger than the seats in the coach. As in the business class seats feature a crocodile design style, and breaks leg can be adjusted to a wide range of angles. Each seat comes with a 12-inch screen.

The coach seats have been improved leg 2.5 centimeters (1 inch). The seat cushions and headrests have been made with the fabric and the softest cushions. The company said, and each entry includes a USB port for charging the phone. Bus seats are equipped with a 9-inch screen.

Boeing 777-300ER Premium Economy

The selection Korean flight entertainment has also expanded. Air France has added six Korean films and 46 foreign films with Korean dubbing. Also four television programs Korean entertainment system.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sukhoi Su-27 Russian Air Force Cruise Flight

Sukhoi Su-27 of Russian Air Force

Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker while cruising along the sky alone. The Flanker is a heavy, super maneuverability and air superiority jet fighter. Manufactured and designed by Sukhoi Design Bureau. First flight was in 1977 and first public appearance in 1985.

This jet intended built to compete with F-15 and F-14 of United States Air Force. These jets are consider as fourth generation jet fighter. Since 1982 the production line has been produced up to 809 unit with wide range variants.

Meanwhile picture above variant is Sukhoi Su-27 SM3 variant. The SM3 is a modernized Su-27 with mid-life upgrade. There were some improvement on avionics and engines.

However, many successor of Russian jet fighter are using same platform with Su-27. Even Sukhoi shared the platform with Chinese jet fighter, Shenyang J-11. Seems Russia is not worry exporting the jet abroad, they believe influence and friendship among countries are important.

So that is why many countries are become heavy operator of the jet. Such as, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Indonesia even USA have imported two Su-27s. According to information, US private company bought the Su-27s via Belarus.

It is might that Su-27 become the jet fighter with longest military service life. It has been 40 years since the first flight. And many years expect to come. Please also check our article regarding Cobra maneuver of Su-27 here.